Guitar Noise Podcast #14 – Putting Things To Practical Use

Hello to all!

For our fourteenth Guitar Noise Podcast, let’s take stock of the many things we’ve learned so far and, over the course of the next number of GN Podcasts, put them to use in song. After all, that’s why we’re practicing, right? For starters, we’ll use the traditional tune, “Handsome Molly” (also known to many as “I Wish I Was in London”), which has a nice, simple chord progression of G, D and C.

Handsome Molly Chords/Lyrics Cheat Sheet

We’ll start out very basic and then add some embellishments and bass lines taken directly from our previous podcasts. Hopefully, you’ll soon build up a bit of confidence and start in adding your own touches before we’re through!

As always, I’ll be walking you step by step through the lesson. And, as always, please let us know what you think.