Guitar Noise Podcast #20 – Using Space (plus an intro to chord substitutions and chord voicings)


Our twentieth Guitar Noise Podcast examines two ideas – first we’ll make use of rests, combining them with simple arpeggios to create space while strumming, especially in slower songs. Then we’ll also look at how to use different chord substitutions, embellishments actually in this particular case, as well as different chord voicings. Using these in tandem with the many strumming techniques we’ve used in our past Guitar Noise Podcasts can create different moods for your music. You’ll hopefully be amazed at how many ways you can play an Em to A chord progression.

As always, I’ll be walking you through the process step by step. Hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Hey board,

    Question: I subscribe3d to these podcasts and my iTunes only downloaed lessons 14+ and I can’t seem to get 1-13. What have I overlooked?


  2. Blah…pardon my typing.

  3. Post your email and I’ll send them as attachments. I have all them saved with a pdf of the text lesson portion as well.

  4. Scott Stiff says:

    Iwas hoping you a tab of the final version of the intro. I tried to make one using the podcast but something is missing. Thanks Scott

  5. Hi Scott

    Are you referring to the intro of this Podcast or to the one in “Star of the County Down” (Guitar Noise Podcast #21)?


  6. Scott Stiff says:

    Yes I was referring to podcast #21. Thanks again for your help.

  7. Has Arfinwulf figured out the intro to “Almost Saturday Night” by Fogerty?

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