The Indie Bible

Okay, say you’re part of a Goth band that’s just finished work on a great demo and now you’re wondering what the next step is. No? Perhaps you’re a country songwriter who’s looking for some help to get your songs heard by the right people. Maybe you’re just someone who’d like to get your song up on the internet.

I am willing to say that whatever your situation, The Indie Bible is one reference book that will help you immensely. David Wimble has compiled over seven thousand sources for you to tap – from magazines that will (hopefully) review your music to radio stations that will (again hopefully) play your songs on the air.

Unlike many reference sources, he has taken a lot of trouble to break down each of the four sections (magazines, radio stations, services and websites) into musical genres, with particular attention going to places that highlight local artists. A great majority of the entries include comments from the listed sources which are very helpful in explaining what exactly the source might be able to do for you and how best to go about approaching them.

I cannot imagine someone having a copy of this book and not finding a lot of places to market one’s music.

Or finding a lot of ideas on how to go about doing that. There’s a bonus section in this edition – almost forty articles written by industry professionals on a wide range of subjects, from contracts to stage fright.

If you’re serious about pursuing a career in performing or songwriting, The Indie Bible should prove itself to be an extremely valuable ally.

You can find out more about The Indie Bible, as well as get the latest updates, at their website.