Bus Stop Poets – “˜Beautiful Day’


Beautiful Day. Detroit Rock. Summer Song. Those are the tags that caught my eye and got me to choose this song over hundreds of others. “˜Beautiful Day’ is a song from the upcoming album “Repair The Monster” by Bus Stop Poets. It’s already being used as the flagship single for the new independent label WHOA that signed this Detroit trio. I lifted this text from their PR website: “Steeped in the tradition of DIY Detroit rock, Bus Stop Poets inject meaning and melody into the edgy sound the city is known for.”

“˜Beautiful Day’ exemplifies the crisp summertime garage rock of the early 2000’s. It’s Wilco-esque pop sensibility stamped down with Raconteurs crunch. Is the world ready for a summer pop-rock revival? It sounds like it. “˜Beautiful Day’ has already found its way into a Motor City Chevy ad this summer. Listen to Bus Stop Poets’ “˜Beautiful Day’ here.

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