Bass for Beginners

Bass GuitarBass players are often perceived to be less important than the vocalist, drummer, and lead guitarist. In reality, a bass player has to have an entirely different attitude about the music. A bass player doesn't have to be flashy or loud, but a band won't survive long with a weak bass. Bass players have to be stable, since they build the rhythm "foundation" of each song. The bass player and drummer will determine whether your band is mediocre, good, or great. We're going to show you how to play bass guitar with this series of free lessons for beginners.

Bet you thought this site was only for guitars? Our site's lead editor, David Hodge, is the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Playing Bass Guitar, which means you are in good hands for learning bass too.

Van Morrison

Dan Lasley shares a fun lesson with us. It’s a bass lesson to accompany our easy guitar song lesson on Van Morrison’s Moondance.

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Electric bass guitar

Guitar Noise has been teaching bass guitar to beginners for over ten years. The answers to most common questions are featured here.

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Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

In celebration of his hot selling book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Playing Bass Guitar, David has put together a couple of bass lessons exclusively for the readers of Guitar Noise. Learn how to play this classic Pink Floyd song. It’s as easy as counting to seven (and occasionally eight)!

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Here’s a great piece for beginners trying to get a handle on this confusing subject. And Paul Ortiz has gone above and beyond, providing some truly excellent MP3s to illustrate Dan’s lesson. Kudos to both of these guys!

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This is a wonderfully concise walk through on how to go about recording music on your computer. From knowing the computer to shaping your sound.

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Marshall Amp Logo

Here is the lowdown on British bass guitar amplifiers. We detail the similarities and differences between the various amps and give you some help choosing.

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Dan shares with us his love of the fretless bass guitar. He explains the difference no frets make and offers some reasons why you might want to go fretless.

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Many people have asked about playing chords on the bass, so here is a discussion on how chords are built up from notes, and how they apply to the bass.

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