Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Free guitar lessons for beginners. Whether you're starting from scratch or just looking for advice on theory or technique, you'll find everything right here.

Don't miss our lessons for absolute beginners. And if you've got the basics down try some of our easy guitar songs.

The Animals

House of the Rising Sun is a relatively slow song that’s easy for beginners to learn. In this lesson we’ll try a few different fingerpicking patterns.

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Guitar Teacher and Student

Are you new to guitar and don’t know where to start? The good news is most questions new guitar players face have already been answered. On this page you will find help with everything from holding your guitar, finding easy songs to play and how to read music.

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Which Guitar First

Most beginners will want to know what kind of guitar to buy first – an acoustic or an electric? Each has its own benefits which this article explains.

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Learn how to harmonize the major scale and create diatonic chords in the final part of Jim Bowley’s trilogy, “The Only Theory Lesson You’ll Ever Need.”

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In Part 2 of Jim Bowley’s introduction to basic music theory, you’ll create the Major Scale, possibly the most important musical knowledge you can learn!

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Jim Bowley lays down the basics of music theory – in “Part 1″ you learn about notes and where they are on the fretboard of your guitar.

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Some guitarists actually have a lot of trouble with the A major chord. It looks like it should be easy enough, but that’s exactly where the problem lies.

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Guitar Noise Seminar

Teaching yourself guitar runs the risk of developing some potentially harmful habits. You can avoid many common beginners’ mistakes with these helpful tips from David Hodge.

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If you’re learning guitar and want the advantages of having a teacher but you’re worried about finances, taking group lessons may be just the thing for you!

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