Celtic Guitar Lessons

Celtic music on guitar lends itself nicely to alternate tunings and beautiful finger picking melodies. There is a lot more you can do than simply switching to DADGAD tuning.

A Celtic Air

A Celtic Air

A popular reader request is a lesson on how to get a Celtic sounding guitar style. This lesson has more than a few ideas to achieve that sound.

The Christ Child’s Lullaby

Here’s a wonderful simple and sparse arrangement of this traditional song from the Outer Hebrides. It’s a beautiful song and, like Doug, you’ll be thrilled to add it to your holiday repertoire.

The Sussex Carol

Doug brings us another beautiful Christmas carol, arranged in standard tuning. This one is quite catchy and Doug also gives us a fascinating bit of history concerning the history of Christmas carols in Britain.

The Eagle’s Whistle

Doug Sparling graces the pages of Guitar Noise with another Celtic fingerstyle arrangement. Included in this lesson are some tips on traditional Celtic ornamentation, or articulations, which will add some zest to your playing and arrangements.

The Huron Carol

This lovely fingerstyle Christmas carol comes to us from Canada, where it’s still sung in churches at holiday time. Doug gives us a little history on The Huron Carol and then walks us through this terrific arrangement, done in open G minor tuning.

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