History of the Guitar

How did the guitar as we know it come into being? It's roots are in Spain, from sometime around the 15th Century. If you are researching the history and story of the guitar you'll find all sorts of interesting and helpful articles on this page.

Jimi Hendrix

It’s only towards the end of the 18th century that the modern guitar as we know it came about. However, there are some interesting things that led up to it.

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House of the Rising Sun - Austin

Colette Dumont makes her long awaited return to Guitar Noise, bringing a bit of historical background to light on this well known song.

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If you think tracing back your family tree is fun, then think about musical genres. Who would be Pete Townsend’s great-grandfather? And who would be the trunk of the tree of country guitarists? The answers may surprise you and, as is always the case with David’s articles, you’ll learn a lot about some guitarists that you may never have heard of. Hopefully you’ll learn enough to get out and listen to them!

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Tom Serb, known as Noteboat in the forums sends us his first article. I think you’ll find this a fun and fascinating little romp through the history of the guitar.

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There is a not so subtle connection between the origin of the pentatonic scale and blues music.

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There are a few different claims to the origin of the slide guitar. But whatever they are, slide guitar is forever associated with the sound of blues music.

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