Music Genres and Styles

Guitar music covers a wide variety of genres and styles - from rock to pop, country and blues, Christian music and jazz. These articles explore each genre from the guitarists point of view.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley’s I Shot The Sheriff is a delightful introduction to reggae rhythms. This lesson also includes some more advice for transposing songs to another key.

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The Clash

Punk music is generally loud, fast, and distorted. And that means you’ll be playing power chords almost all of the time.

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Part two of Peter Simms’ lesson on Latin Chord melodies is here! So get your guitars, warm up your fingers and get ready to dig in for a bit of work and a lot of fun!

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Guitar Noise is pleased to welcome Peter Simms back to our pages. Peter’s got a new chord melody for you with a distinctive Latin feel to it. Get ready to provide both the bass and chordal rhythm/melody and to give your fingers (and thumb!) a workout.

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The Square Neck Dobro

Square Neck Dobro

The Square Neck Dobro is a generic term for a resonator guitar. In this article we will learn more about this wonderful sounding instrument.

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Wayne's World Guitar

Setting aside Stairway to Heaven, so many Led Zeppelin songs can lead you to a higher musical level. Here’s a look at some different genres in the band’s music.

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Knowing the little nuances of different musical genres can help you be a more flexible musician. The more styles you can play, the more music you can play.

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Irish Air

A popular reader request is a lesson on how to get a Celtic sounding guitar style. This lesson has more than a few ideas to achieve that sound.

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What is progressive rock? This article breaks down the history of the genre and provides ample example of bands that fit this genre.

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