Rhythm and Lead Guitar Technique

Rhythm and lead guitar both require many essential guitar techniques. Acoustic and electric guitars also have techniques unique to them. The lessons on this page teach focus on the technical aspects of playing guitar.

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Hans Fahling returns with the first in a series of three articles, each designed to help you get better at playing faster by means of starting slowly. This is a great read (and terrific exercises!) for all guitarists, whatever style you play and whatever speed you aspire to!

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Playing Guitar Scales

This lesson will help you develop your upstoke picking techique and show you the best way to get a better sound, increase your pick speed and improve your timing.

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Playing cool rhythm guitar riffs is an art – Tom Hess explores ways for you to unlock the rocking rhythm guitarist in you!

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Voice leading, a vital component of harmony and composing, should be part of every guitarist’s technique. Here’s a great introduction to this musical topic.

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Tom Hess discusses how to improve your 7-string guitar playing by using the unique aspects of the instrument to guide you and to help improve your skills.

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Shakin’ Up Vibrato

Good vibrato technique can bring a lot more polish to your playing. Kenny Masters examines the various aspects of vibrato, with great audio examples of each.

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Guitar Noise has been teaching guitar technique online for over ten years. The answers to the most common questions are featured here.

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The Benefits of Slide Guitar

Guitar Slides

Longtime GN reader Matt Desenberg contacted me last month about giving back to the community. Little did I realize it would be in the form of this terrific lesson that not only covers aspects of playing slide guitar, but also demonstrates how various slide techniques can improve your regular guitar playing. Thanks, Matt!

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Guitar Noise is pleased to introduce you to Robert Gravelle, guitarist of Canadian Classic Metal Band, Ivory Knight. Rob is going to spend some time teaching us about some of the more advanced and specialized musical concepts that he really enjoys. First up – tremolo tapping, complete with examples from Randy Rhoads, Joe Satriani and Rob himself!

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