How to play a 12 String Guitar

Taylor 12 String GuitarLearn the basics of playing a 12 string guitar and much more. We have free lessons on how to tune a 12 string guitar, playing it, and caring for it. Then we'll show you how to make some magical sounding music with it.

12 String Guitar

A lot of the signature sound of the twelve-string comes from the paired strings being struck together. You can do any alternate tuning that you’d use on a six-string guitar on a twelve string as well as some pretty interesting alternate tunings.

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I know a lot of people like to number the strings of a twelve-string guitar from one (high E) to twelve, but I find it much easier to number them as a six-string guitar, that is one through six, adding the designation “a” or “b” to each string as well. “A” means closer to the floor (as viewed when I […]

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This lesson takes some of the myth and mystery out of playing a 12 string guitar. We even throw in an arrangement of a classic Allman Brothers song as a bonus.

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