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Anyone tried a Phil Jones bass amp?

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Thinking about getting a small, lightweight, portable yet sufficiently powerful bass combo amp. US$400 to $800 range. Strong preference for a hi-fi sound, rather than the in-your-face Ampeg type of punch.

Wondering in particular about the small Phil Jones Briefcase; anyone familiar with it? I think it might be a great practice amp to match with the Cortobass, and it's extremely portable, but I worry about whether it would be usable for jamming with friends in basements and such. I'm mostly interested in clean headroom, and not sure if 100w is sufficient.

(That said, when I played guitar through the little 15w PV Classic 20 tube amp, the drummer said I was too loud and he couldn't hear himself ... so maybe 100w of bass is plenty in this case?)

Love my Eden Nemesis 210 combo (250w RMS) and could easily get another one, but it's not nearly as portable as I would like. I've got the 60w Fender Bassman too, which is alright but a little muddy in the lower end.

Also thinking about the GK Microbass combo; still only 100w without the extension cab and quite a bit more spendy ... for a little more I can get the Phil Jones Flightcase... or for a lot less money there's the SWR WorkingPro 1x10 ... and again for more there's the 300w Markbass Mini ... argh! Too many choices!

I know Laz would suggest a 300w head into a 410 cab, but that's not practical for me.


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