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I have seen this question posed before but didnt understand the answer so I'll try here (where all the really smart people are ). Why do most bass cabs have a tweeter (usually a horn) while regular guitar amps usually don't ? In other words,if I'm operating at the low end of the audio spectrum,why do I need a driver that deals with the high end ? Thanks for any help.

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you dont necessarily need a tweeter. its just an option thats appeared on newer cabs. tweeters run off a low-high frequency crossover/split, seperating the low to go to the speaker, and the highs to go to the tweeter. essentially you get the high definition versus standard definition concept. or at least thats how its supposed to be.

ive personally never been extremely fond of them because of how delicate they can be. but i guess its a matter of taste. its a different sound.. and the reason they arent found on guitar amps is because there is already enough high's coming through the speakers themselves. plus im sure the distortion would destroy the tweeter..

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