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Bass Guitars Comparision

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Question for Advanced bass players

What According to you would be the best bass guitar for beginners among these five?

1. Dean EAB
2. Ibanez AEB5EBK
3. Fender Kingman
4. Seagull S6
5. Epiphone DR-100

The pros and cons of all these bass guitars are listed on this page but I am having a hard time to pick the best.

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I'm not a bassist; not in the slightest. I have a Yamaha - it came as part of a starter pack

It's inexpensive, comes with zero hype, and I've gigged it successfully.

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Of these five "acoustic bass guitars" the last two are regular guitars. I'd find out who wrote this article and ask whether or not he's serious about being taken seriously...


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Hum !!!

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