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bass tuning

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is bass tuning the same as guitar tuning?
example:standard guitar tuning tune all the strings at the 5th fret
example 2:drop D tune 6th e string at 7th fret

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Yes it's pretty much the same. You normally tune in the same tuning the guitarist(s) is using. The standard tuning for a 4 string bass would be like the bottom 4 strings of a guitar -- EADG -- but if the guitar is low tuned, you'd match him. Drop D would be DADG (BE on the guitar).

Hope this helps.

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However, if the guitarist is in an open tuning, the bass stays in standard form. Say the guitarist is using open d (DADF#AD), I would just tune my bass down a whole step to DGCF. Another option in the case is to just go into drop-d to reach the low d.