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Electronic tuner not working correctly (?)

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I tuned my bass this AM using my Korg CA-30 tuner. It's been accurate up to now.

When I then started playing, I noticed that my E string seemed to be almost 1/2 step flat. All other strings sounded fine. I checked and re-checked the E string and the tuner said it was fine, but my ears did not. I raised the E string one-half step and it now sounds in tune. But the tumer says that the E string is way too sharp.

Is it possible for the tuner (which was not expensive - maybe $25) to just go out of tune (on one string) ?


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It might be, or you accidentally recalibrated it. Did you try turning the tuner off and then using it again? If so, did that change anything?

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Is the tuner set to 440hZ?

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We use CA-30s at our school. In the top left corner of the display you'll see the pitch it's set for - it should say "440HZ". If it doesn't, use the up/down buttons next to "CALIB" until it does, then give it a try.

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I've had trouble with the E-string on some tuners. Try checking it with the octave harmonic. Also, try using just your neck pick-up (assuming you have two), and/or turn down the tone to reduce the high-end.

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Ive gone strictly to strobe tuning, but I seem to recall that the Korg I have laying around here somewhere always seemed to give erronius readings as the batteries were starting to get weak..

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