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First bass?

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I play guitar for my own amusement and have recently purchased a small collection of ones that I particularly like.

I would like to have a go at playing bass, but have never handled one and know nothing about playing them. Can anyone advise if there is a decent but inexpensive one that would be ok.

I have looked on the Epiphone website but there is nothing I like the look of, there is a squire (copy of the precision bass) for about £199, and a Mexican Fender Precision bass for £499. I also saw the Burns Marque bass at about £379, this looked the nicest. I don't know anything about other less well known makes and although I don't really fancy the make, there was a nice looking Yamaha in pearlescent red for about £300.

If anyone can offer any advice about the above, or any others I would be gratefull, I have tended to go for sound and looks with my 6 strings. Also, as I play by ear, how would I play bass, would I have to use tabs (I can't read music).


Gary UK