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Headphone amp

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Hi, I am new to the boards and had a question. For Christmas I will be getting a new Bass, not sure which brand or model yet. But, since I am new to the bass I just hope i will be able to play it. My wife asked me to look for amps that I could practice with at night. I work second shift so when I would practice everyone would be asleep in the house. I went online, after looking at several buyers guides on this and different guitar sites, and found several amps all with headphone jacks. But then I found the headphone amps and was wondering if they were any good? I know I will want a bigger amp later when I get get into lessons with an instructor, but for just trying to learn some on my own would something like this work OK?

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Almost every amp has a headphone output (or almost every practice amp has it). It is a good option since you will be saving for a new device.

On the other hands, for basses (IMHO it is different for guitars) there are several good alternatives in the headphone amp. I have a Pandora PX4D (there is a new PX5D but the PX4D is cheaper and the new features are not interesting to me).

The Pandora PX4D has specific emulations for bass amps and also several effects, drum tracks, and many other cool things. I was practicing many, many hours with it and also I used it for recording.

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