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Help me prep for an...
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Help me prep for an audition with a song recommendation.

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Okay- I am a sax player (17 years playing) and have doubled on bass for about 10ish. However I have always played bass in punk or metal bands. Playing horn covered my love for jazz and funk.

I have chops on bass, but I’m feeling a little nervous for an audition for a band that has a Snarky Puppy sound. They sent me an original for me to get familiar with (which is rad) and asked me if there was a cover I wanted them to learn (nice of them to offer). Moderator Edit - there were three links to external sites added after the original post was approved. I've removed them

Here’s the thing, I don’t want to recommend something like Time Bomb from Rancid- which while has a groove bass line, probably wouldn’t be right.

What’s a funky song with an interesting bass line that isn’t Dean Town?

Thanks for the recommendations. Also, no slap please. Not because I don’t like it- I just suck at it.

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Is "YYZ" within your skillset?

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