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How do you organize your song book?

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I used to use folder to organize my music, but nowadays, I just scan all my music and organize them electronically.
When I have a gig, I print out music and put them in a binder!

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Interesting - I just clicked the link and it said the document had been deleted

Yeah I tried myself,

However the post was dated for almost 8 years ago. maybe he moved onto a different format since then?

I use my Ipad with an App. for Guitar Tabs. works great, I also have a notebook that's a working book. So I write quick notes in it so I know the basic rundown of a song. I rehearse it a handful of times first and then write out my final notes to see what I would need to go and say "OH YEAH" or my HEY IDIOT this is your next move.

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I use a folder with plastic wallets I can print out lyrics & chords, and just slip em' in there, nice and neat.

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Attach “tabs” to the first page of each selection in your book, spacing them out along the right side of the page as you go. This allows you to quickly and easily flip to the spot you’re looking for without having to guess and check. You can label your tabs with the song name or the number in your table of contents.

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