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I need a new guitar strap...

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... for my new 5-string!

With the brothers, Fretless, P, and the new 5-string Jazz on the right.

1991 MIA Fender Jazz with Lace pick-ups and dual active/passive electronics, including volume/pan. Just how I would have done it. Sounds great too.

Needs airbrushed artwork, doncha think?

I have satisfied my GAS for another few years.

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That's a beautiful bass, Laz! :D Congratulations!

I was offered a job playing bass last night. Am just not sure my bass chops are what they should be, so I haven't answered them yet. I'm thinking with a whole lot of practice..... maybe! I think I just miss playing in a band! And, after looking at your new bass, I think maybe I'll get mine down off of the wall! Thanks for the inadverdent "push" of encouragement!

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Looks good and almost any strap goes with basic black. Be as wild as you want.

And go for it, Elektra! We're way overdue for some gig reports from you!


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Congrats Laz! It looks good and it has to sound even better!

I was very happy with my equipment...


And go ahead Elecktrablue! Playing and playing bass is always funny! :D

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Very nice, Dan! Hmm...a P-Bass...a fretless bass....and now a Jazz I right in thinking you've got all your basses covered?

I like that you leave it plugged in and ready to go - can't waste valuable time when inspiration strikes, can you!

:D :D :D


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Very nice! I'm gettin' an itch for a 5 stringer myself. There's been a few times at church when I would have loved to have the option of going down and grabbing that low note.

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pink straps are where it's at ....

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that's a nice looking bass! Enjoy!