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I Need some advice!

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When i was a dirty teenager i was playing bass, My bass was pretty cheap and my amp too. I played some years but I stop because i was living at my parent house and i was not able to play like a want... I was not a very good bass player and i didn'y play since 4 years

Now i have my house i can play when i want like i want... so i want to buy a new bass cause the next one is selled!

I'm a noob.. But i want a good bass not to expensive but enough good to play some music like (metallica, the offspring, rancid, system of a down and others) I want a good bass cause in fews months if i want to play different style i need someting good...

I will put 2 link of bass and amp! Just tell me what you think about this. I just want to play for fun at my house i don't need a super amp just something good with a good sound and don't really need to have a super power of sound! &

Thank for all! Sorry if my english is not verry good, i'm from canada, i hope you will understand what i want to say!

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I was considering this bass when I bought mine several years ago. Yamaha makes great entry level instruments and that bass is really nice for the budget. You have selected and split-coil/single-coil configuration so you get the best of both worlds. My bass is a Jazz-bass, it has two single-coil pickups and sometimes I missed the split-coil.

No experience with this particular amp but I've played Ampeg and usually they are great amps. Maybe I'd choose a wider speaker, maybe the 8 inches is not able to manage some tones correctly.

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Both would be good choices.

The amp might prove a little small if you
a) want to use it for gigs and
b) if you rehearse in a fairly open space.

Typically, bass needs a much bigger amp than a guitar does at the same volume. In addition, you usually push a guitar amp much harder than a bass amp. A 15w guitar amp pushed hard can sound just fine, but a 25w bass amp will sound very noisy if it tries to keep up.

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To echo what the others have said, the Yamaha bass is a good entry-level choice. I have no experience with the Ampeg BA-108, but it's got good reviews.

My first bass was the Yamaha RBX-260 - same body style as the 270, but with a single P-style pickup. I have since passed that one on to a friend's daughter, as I wasn't playing it any more having acquired several more basses through the years.

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I like the sound: warm, and even with the bass rolled all the way off and treble all the way up it's not overly crunchy