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Instrument ID.

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I acquired a bass guitar a while back and would like to see if anyone might have any idea just who might have made it. I took it apart and thoroughly cleaned it and found no markings on it anywhere. It laminate body with a sunburst finish, a black scratch guard. I can't identify the wood for the neck, except it's varnished and has a black laquered headstock. It has what looks like a rosewood fretboard with mother of pearl inlays and a white binding. It looks like a Fender and it plays and sounds great. Any ideas?

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Identifying your bass guitar without any labels can be tricky, but there are ways to narrow down possibilities. Look closely at unique features like the number of frets, pick-up setup, and control knobs, and share clear photos online for help. Pay attention to the body and neck materials, like laminate or varnished wood, which can give clues about the brand or model. Research common woods used in bass guitars to help with identification.

Check the hardware and electronics for any logos or unique designs, and consider the playability and sound characteristics when seeking assistance. Knowing where you got the bass from can also provide hints about its age and popularity, helping you research similar models from that time period. Though challenging, combining these steps and using online resources can improve your chances of identifying your bass guitar. Good luck!