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Lessons: Bass for Beginners

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I may be wrong.

But, why in the Lessons section is there only a Bass for Beginners section?

Are a lot of people here not beginners any more?

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paul donnelly
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I think that no one ever got around to creating non-beginner content.

Dan Lasley
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Several people have been invited to write some more advanced lessons, but they have not succeeded in putting something together yet. I am working on a couple of "beginner-plus" lessons, but I haven't been able to finish them off.

Part of the problem is that this is mainly a guitar site, and we created the bass section for those who were interested in bass as a second instrument, or for true beginners who were trying to decide what they'd like to play. Several of our other sections were created for similar reasons (eg Sound Engineering).

Another issue is that slapping is a very mechanical technique that really requires a live teacher, at least for me. I know that I've read several articles "explaining" how to do it, but I still don't quite get it. I hope to take some lessons on this soon.

Last, as you have seen, we write lessons with a purpose, not just transcriptions of a song, so there has to be some "meat" to the lesson.

If you have any specific requests, or you would like to write a lesson or article, please let me know.