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Musicman or Fender?

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Hey everyone, i'm a punk rock bass player from upstate new york, i've been playing for about 2 years now and have played a Squire MB4 for a while. I'm starting to look into something of better quality and that'll last me a long time from my band's first show to our last. Anyway, i've had my eyes set on an American Fender Jazz, but i'm starting to look at a Musicman Stingray, they're both about the same price, and i think they both look awesome? help me out on which would be better worth my money and the difference!! thanks.

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I didn't vote in your poll because I think that "better" is always a subjective term when it comes to choosing an instrument.

Both Fender and Ernie Ball (Musicman) make some extremely fine instruments.

The archetypal "punk" sound is a Fender Precision. But why be archetypal unless you want to be?

That said, I have used a 1980 Musicman Stingray (in a punk band) for years and like it very, very much. So much that I haven't found a suitable replacement for it.

The Musicman has an extremely cutting, trebly sound that some like and others don't. I use 5 year old strings and play with the treble turned way down to counteract this trebliness. It sounds great playing alone, but in a band setting I find that I cut into the guitar's sonic area too much unless I turn it down.

Try both and see which one you like better. Both will no doubt do the job in the right hands.

Helgi Briem
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