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Squier P-Bass

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Just got one from a guy who was frustrated with it since he could not get the bow and slight warp out of the neck . He wanted $80.00 for it I declined . He said to take it out of his sight , and pay him if I wanted to or not .

Took three days to tweak that neck back into playing like a P Bass is famous for heh heh . It's almost new too . This baby plays really fast and is easy on the hand . Candy apple red pearl metallic it's sexy !

Called a buddy in Hawaii from here ( I'm in southern California ) to talk about music projects and mentioned what I got and how I fixed it . He said :

" Wow I have one here in front of me too and it's got the same problem ! :oops: "

Anyone had a warped & bowed neck Squier P-Bass come along in there hands lately ? This one was made in Indonesia and it's really not badly made aside from a few cosmetic issues that only a seasoned eye could spot . The woods are superb .


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