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00 Size Guitar like Ed Sheerans

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Hello everyone!
I had the opportunity to play the Martin 00-28VS and of course it's awesome.

Sadly i can't afford a Guitar that costs 5k.

There is a picture of Ed Sheeran's custom made guitar based on a Martin 00-28VS:


I have found a guitar named ''Sigma 00MSE'' which looks similar to Ed's guitar.

It's this one:

Could you guys tell me how big the difference in shape and size is?

Thanks in advance for all the answers!

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The "OO" is the sizing that Martin used... they had O, OO, and OOO sized guitars. I could be wrong but im assuming that if the company listed it at a "OO" that they are following Martins lead, and sizing them the same, or at least close. Martin does, or did have a lower cost line of guitars in that size. Ive played one, and they do sound nice... at least at my skill level.

Paul B