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2nd Guitar; Electric

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missileman wrote
Ok All guitars are capable of drop tuning, period.

Yes but some guitars are better for drop tunings then others.

JasonAEvans wrote
What would the difference be between dual humbuckers and a humbucker with a single coil pickup?

Humbuckers are double coil pickups that give off a warmer tone which alot of rock guitarist like. Single coil pickups give off a crunchy tone that alot of country players like, however, there are a lot of rock guitarist that like the single coil pickups and visa versa.

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I'm a stone cold noob to any and all guitar. I told the guys at my local music store that I didn't want to buy junk, (i.e. starter pack type stuff) but didn't want to over spend either. My budget was similar to yours. Remember I had nothing to start with. (Gig bag, case, cables, tuner...etc.)'s what I picked up just about a month ago.

Schecter Diamond Series Omen 6-Dual Humbuckers (see pic <<) $300

I wanted some kind of modeling amp just for giggles so I bought up to the Vox Ad15VT...$179

After scoring the rest of the necessities mentioned above plus a $24 Keith Wyatt Beginners Rock book/cd, I got out the door for $575.

I don't come near to playing up the the level of my gear but I play everyday & the Schecter hardly ever needs to be tuned and sounds great on all the different amp models on the Vox. It's easy for me to play with a great low action AND once in a while I get lucky & make something sound like I actually want it to.

Maybe there's a better deal out there but I love what I've got, I've got some real positive feedback from some guys whose opinion I respect. If I overpaid a bit or bought over my head, BFD, I love it, I have fun & I'm motivated to grab that thing everytime I walk in the room. Have fun man, shopping for this stuff is a hoot. Hope this helps, good luck.


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