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is it ok if i have a little bit of fret buzz on my acoustic ..and would it be ok if i wait till i have some money to get it set up it true that all guitars have a little bit of fret buzz

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A little fret buzz is normal if you play it hard.

The rule about fret buzz is this - if it is not noticeable, it may be ignored.

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If the buzzing isn't bothering you too much, it won't hurt a thing to put off working on it. Nearly all strings will buzz a little IF you play them hard enough. (Steel guitars with super-high strings excepted.) If you don't have the money to get a setup done, you kinda have to wait, no? Or read up on how it's done and think about doing it yourself. There are a number of good sites. I'll steer you to:

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I would not accept any fret buzz on my main guitar. I would tolerate a very small amount on my travel guitar. Your fret could buzz due to a lack of good caluses, improper setup, a loose fret, pressing to lightly or worn frets.

Pressing to hard? I have never experienced that one. That is how I get rid of buzz when playing on a guitar with worn frets.



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A properly set up guitar WILL buzz depending on your playstyle. Anyone who says they have no fretbuzz either has a bad setup, or more likely, a light picking hand. If you pick hard, you will get fret buzz on a properly set up guitar. This should not be very audible, and if it is, there's something wrong.

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You probably have a lighter touch with your picking hand. Usually there is slight buzz if you pick harder. I'm somewhere in between soft and aggressive depending on my mood, but I know lots of people with much more aggressive pick hands that will buzz a properly set up guitar. It's not audible enough to be an issue though.

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Well, I don't know much, but here are a couple pages on buzzing from a seasoned luthier:

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