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A common sentiment?

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Whenever I try to write original material I usually give up on it because I feel it's not good enough. Is this a feeling that will always be there or do you keep persevering until you hit something you like. It seems to me that the music I like contains nuances that make it original whereas my playing is too simplistic. Also I might have a small idea but never know where to go with it.

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Definitely keep writing dude! Songwriting is an opportunity to make a purely unique statement distilled from your entire life experiences, your influences (both aware and unaware) and your current vibratory state of being. If your work does not satisfy you, that's OK. In fact, that is very common at all stages in the most prolific songwriting careers. If you're new to it, just chalk it up to growing pains and don't let it from discouraging you.

If it helps, I wrote this article (link below) related to knocking down mental barriers pertaining to the songwriting process so that you can simply continue writing and writing. Don't get hung up on any one tune you've been working. Just keep it fresh. Especially at this stage, it very beneficial to just keep the process rolling. You will eventually hit turning points where your process gets smoother. It's an evolution that you don't always notice but trust in the process and you will eventually get to the point where the material is very strong AND almost writes itself.

Recording yourself can also enhance your process greatly. I have a free ebook you can download from the site that breaks down all the basic equipment.

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Until you record,publish a song you've written, a song will never be done, if you enjoy writing music then doing what you're doing isn't wrong at all, except the give up part, you don't like it? Experiment, change a strumming pattern, play it in a different key, speed a part up or slow it, and so on.

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I think your experience is common.

I agree with keep writing. Beware of "pre-judging" work that you have not completed. Think about it. What sense does it make to judge something before you have had a chance to work it all out? When you see this happening you have taken your mind off the write a piece of music. When you feel bad.....think of what you want.

You have taken steps that many will never by even trying. I encourage you to give yourself a chance.

You may benefit from a read of this. It is a mindset worth playting with:

Best wishes.....your definitely not alone in this experience...let us know how your doing.