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A few questions

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I bought an acoustic guitar a few months back and now I finally have time to practice. I started with that a few weeks ago but i now realize my practicing isn't really practicing. I need to get more organized and effective. And this site helped me a lot. I read all articles and I feel I can practice better now. Still have a few que questions though.

I'm not aiming to get good on lead guitar or anything, not planing on getting an electric. I just wanna get good at chords/arpeggios/music theory I guess. Not sure if there are other things I should work on. I've heard scales are a good thing to practice, and here's my first question, what scales should i concentrate on? Cause to me it seems there are a few of those. And I guess my other questions is: Are there more things you think I should work on?

Help would be much appreciated!

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Welcome to GN! :)

If you're just starting out you have a whole lot of 'basic skills' to develop. Practicing scales can help your fingers gain some dexterity and independence, but actual musical use of scales is something you'd probably get to a bit further down the road. If you're going to practice scales, start with the major scale. From that scale most other scales are derrived.

For the rest: follow the easy song for beginner lessons on this site. They'll help you build a repetoire of songs while learning new chords, tricks and bits of theory along the road.

Have fun!

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Welcome to GuitarNoise, TryAgain! We look forward to seeing you around the forums! :D

Do what Arjen said and you'll be off to a good start! :D

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I think one of the hardest things about learning guitar is figuring out a disciplined and logical approach that balances theory and mechanical skills to the point where you get something out of it for the time invested.

I wasted so much time just trying to figure out what and how to practice it is not funny. I tried a teacher because I was tired of practicing scales years ago and he started teaching me MODES for $35 for a half hour and scribbling notes with a Doctor's illegible handwriting on scrap paper, so the third lesson was the last.

Things, I wouldn't say come easy for me, I do well in everything I try but that is from working at it. Guitar has been the hardest thing I ever tried, without a well defined path to follow.

In the absence of knowing anyone else who can play guitar, this site is what got me playing my first song and even writing a lesson for it with the help of Greybeard and David Hodge, who edited it and uploaded it, along with all the others who helped get me there in the first place.

Scales, chords and dexterity exercises are a must, along with some strumming patterns. But also pick a song with some easy chords and go through the lesson for a song you pick out over and over until you can play it and motivation to keep you going will come from that song.

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All the above are right on. If you are a true beginner then basic chords and changes, an easy song if you find one you like will help with that and give you encouragement, and major scale for the dexterity thing.

There really is so much to learning guitar that it can be over-whelming. But if you just stick to it, practice regularly, stretch yourself now and then, and dont keep looking for a "finish" line then you will be ok.

Have fun and welcome to GN


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Thanks a lot guys! Really appreciate all the help! :)