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a general observation about the guitar from a beginner...

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I am a very obsessive person. when I find something I like I throw myself into it full on. the part I love about learning the guitar is that the payback is instant. it may not be much of a return but it is instant gratification. if I practice for an hour I may not have the song or part of a song down pat, but I'm better than when I started.... MAN I LOVE IT...

My wife might just kill me because she has to hear all of the wrong notes, and horrible noise when I don't press down hard enough or get my fingers on the right frets. but I just can't stop.

I play about 2 hours a day, or at least try to. I don't get tired and my hands aren't too sore when I'm done so I don't think I'm overdoing it. It's not a solid two hours because my 4 year old or 8 year old will interupt me, but they think it's pretty kool too, they even want guitars for christmas So I picked my 4 year old up a toy guitar at wallmart, and I got my 8 year old a dean guitar.

they are both cheapies,, the walmart guitar is a little 1st act, half size and the 8 yr olds is a dean 3/4 size I got from musicians but I figure with the 8 year old I should see if he is interested and wants to play before I get anything better.

so anyway, would any of you describe yourselves as "obsessive"... i'm just curious.

it's not that I am obsessive in the case of starting something going full out and then throwing it away, I tend to stick with the things I love, but add new passions as I go along.

for instance, my biggest passion has always been motorcycles, has been since I've been little, you can check out my website if you like at

but I find that I'm for the first time in a long time spending less time on bikes to balance it with guitar....

not really a point to this post, just some rambling between practicing.