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A great day for my ...
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A great day for my son and me.

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Hey board,

I took my nine-year-old son to a local music shop today and picked him up a Martin LX (a nifty black one no less). Let me tell you...the grin on his face was from ear to ear as he held it and strummed a couple of chords. Then he looked up at me with you-know-what question in his eyes, then it was my turn to grin. It was his. The guitar guy jn the shop was on the ball and checked the action for him then gave my boy some free picks to go along with it.

He began his journey on, and he's registered for pre-teen level-one group guitar lessons next month at the nearby community center.

I just about had tears of joy today and thought to share this with the board. *sniff*

He's watched my wife and I play and after all these years I think the seeds have begun to spout. Now if only his younger brother gets into drums or base then we'll have a band.


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Nice post. Thanks for sharing the experience.

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great news. be proud.
it probably is well know, but new to me, a nice guitar site full of user friendly info...

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That's really awesome Congrats my boy disentangle seem too untreated in guitar but my daughter is so I'm teaching a few chords then if she likes it full on leassons

Its 109 miles to chicago

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Very nice to see, has to be awesome to have parents like that! (The only encouragement I get in guitar is to stop making so much noise!!) :D

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Awesome! My grandson, who is also 9, just got an Oscar Schmidt. He became interested after going to the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix. His parents bought him the guitar for his birthday and the rest of us bought him accessories. Then he came down here to Tombstone. He lost interest in the guitar and now wants to be a cowboy. Maybe someday he'll figure out that cowboys can play guitar. It sounds like your son is genuinely interested and already knows enough about guitar so that it isn't just a passing phase.


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Yea, that's truly a sweet moment. To see your son take after his dad. Plus, knowing it could be the start of something great one day. I too wish my parents had encouraged me early on like that. But luckily I found guitar on my own. :-)

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