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Accidental NGD Fender DG-22S Bubinga!!!

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While I am typically an electric player, I have been feeling acoustics lately, however due to life I had to pawn my Tanglewood Nashville V, leaving me with a beginner Tanglewood which sounded even cheaper then it was.

Queue bargain hunting on Ebay, Reverb, etc for a real acoustic when I found this baby. Originally I had bid $200AU to try and get it for a steal with the auction ending an hour before I had to get up for work. Apparently I woke up and upped my bid because I ended on $315.

With no way to back out I bit the bullet, and it arrived on a Saturday! Shipped in a hard case as well.

It sounds as beautiful as it looks, if only I took photos on a sunny day.

Apart from the model name and the year the owner bought it (1996) I don't know much about these besides there was an ebony version too.