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accoustic strumming without a pick

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How do I strum on an accoustic without a pick? Is there a way to hit the strings with particular fingers and/or parts of fingers? What about the up-stroke?


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Plutarch there are many different methods. First, Im going to assume your not speaking about fingerpicking. To strum without a pick you can use your entire hand by forming a fist and then throwing it open, using all your fingers to connect with your strings. It gives you a bright pick like sound on the downstorke, although its very difficult to do an upstroke in that manner. Or you can sandwhich your thumb and index finger and strum in an up and down pattern pretty easily, but it gives you a duller sound. Or, you could just use an extended thumb.
Theres also fingerpicking which is much different and is used mainly in classical guitar and it involves using certain fingers assined to certain strings.