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I'm looking for a new guitar.

Background: I've been playing for right at a year with a 2-3 month break because we were trying to finish building our house. I'm recently become very interested in fingerstyle after listening to Craig D'Andrea on the Acoustic Long Island Podcast.

What I'm looking for: An acoustic/electric that is made for fingerstyle but will sound just as good strummed

Styles of Music: I'm a big fan of the Unplugged 90's, any acoustic versions of Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, STP, etc...

But, I recently became interested in fingerstyle, by way of Craig D'Andrea, Andy McKee, and some others of the crew. The music is incredible and I see myself wanting to moving in this direction.

One of the reasons I'm looking for an acoustic/electric is I would love to be able to plugin to my mac and record straight into Garageband Plus, I would like to "tinker" with effects just for the sake of curiosity. Eventually I would like to play at our church which would make it nice if I could just plug right into the PA.

Is it better to buy an acoustic and add the electronics later or go ahead and buy it with the electronics from the factory? The reason I ask is I found a new Seagull Peppino model for a good deal but its without the electronics. The one with electronics is $400 more which puts me over the budget limit.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be welcomed!

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