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Acoustic or Electric...

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Does it matter much which when starting out? I have both, but tend to use my electric just about all the time, because when I get a chance to practice everyone's in bed. I plug in the headphones to Garage Band on the laptop and practice that way. Am I hindering gaining finger strength or anything by this. A couple of people I work with told me I was taking the easy route, so wanted to get other opinions.

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My opinion is...

When Ya feel like playin the Electric, Play it!

When Ya feel like playin the Acoustic, Play it!

Don't worry what the People at work think.

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When you're starting out you need whatver you can get your hands on to make it easier. Acoustic does require more finger strength but that will come and in the meantime there's nothing you can do on your acoustic that you can't do on your electric and vice versa.

Except divebombs.

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My opinion is...

When Ya feel like playin the Electric, Play it!

When Ya feel like playin the Acoustic, Play it!

Don't worry what the People at work think.
Gotta say thats on the money to me. I have a electric, a accustic, and also a Steel body resonator that I rotate in my playing time. each is different, and each pushes me that little bit to become a better player. The electric just has a sweet neck, and low action. Just a joy to play, and normaly the first thing I pick upwhen im learning something new. The accustic has a big ol' thick bat of a neck.. and slighty too high action. You fight with it a bit, but its also easy to pick up and play, and a bit of a challenge that pushes me a little bit. And on the reso you realy need to pay attention to fingerposision when fretting. if your not in the right place the note kinda goes dead.... plus you need to strum a little harder to realy drive the cone, what works the streigh up in the picking fingers..

so to answer..... Play them all, play what you feel like, what makes you happy at that time. The key is to enjoy the playing... wether that takes a $5 yard sale kids guitar, or a $5,000 Gibson Les Paul... go for it.

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Yes, play the instrument from which you get the most enjoyment.

What type of stuff are you playing?

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An electric will be easier to play. There is slightly different right hand technique, but the left hand remains constant. From a technical standpoint, I would suggest playing both, especially when working with barre chords (much more difficult on an acoustic and will strengthen the fingers more).

From a musical standpoint, play whatever you want :)

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Mostly depends on what kind of music you like to play. If you really like electric styles, play electric. And vice versa. You can of course do both.

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