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After 1 month what ...
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After 1 month what should be learned?

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Awsome topic. I've been playing for two and a half months now, practicing around an hour a day (I work, and am quite involved in church, so an hour is pretty good.)

Mikespe, you're the reason I've been so quiet on this forum; you always seem to preempt my own questions so that I only need to read the answers. But it's really encouraging to see someone at roughly my level, and not just the Tom's and David's who know 12 different voicings of the D7 chord off the top of their head :D

What I currently know:
Chords: A, Am, C, D, E, Em, F (XX3211), G and a few variations of them (Dsus2, D7, Dsus4, C7, A7, E7 and a couple of others) of which I don't always remember the names (I have to look up the chord before I play the song).
No full barre chords even attempted, yet.

Songs: A Few gospel songs we sing in our church band (mostly 3-5 chord songs using the chords I know). And a simple version of 12-bar blues. Not that I can play anything flawlessly, or even close.

Scales: A-Blues scale, E-Phrygian, Chromatic. I'm working on naming the notes as I play the scales, but it really messes with my rythm if I have to stop to remember a note...

Theory: I can work out at least one chord voicing given the name of a chord. I know a few notes on the fretboard (6th string, some of the 5th and first three frets). I know the principles of reading music, and can now laboriously (with many errors) read simple pieces. But that's happened almost accidentally readings David's columns.

My biggest problem at the moment is all the songs I want to learn are far enough out of my league that I don't even know how to get to them. Fortunately, there's enough on this site to keep me busy for a while.

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I just started this month of august got a teacher and i know C, A, A minor, G, E, E minor, D.. i can remember chords very easy , i can also switch between chords not to fast but slow rate dont need to find it with my fingers as much and only problem i have really for geting right on the chord is G and D is difficult trying to over come it, i pratice 2-3hrs a day when i'm off which is 3 days a week and the days i'm working i practice 1hr 1/2 approx....I just want to start switching through chords playing music, gotta have patience so i learned this ........ but i need to practice everyday or i go crazy, this guitar is like a drug gotta keep practicing...

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I have been trying to play for about 3 months. I usually spend some time each night working on chords and some time messing with tabs. When i get to somthing i cant do or cant figure out i move on to somthing else and then come back to it. everyone is right when they say it will come with practice. i can now do some things with ease that i thought were physically impossible for me. and i dont really know how i learned them, they just came.sometimes it seems like i learn nothing new for days and then bunches of things just appear. i can play parts of many songs and about half of joe sats always with u always with me. i hope to have the whole thing down in a couple of more months.

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