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Alternate picking and pick position

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Ok here's the deal. I've been playin guitar for a few years now.

I'm mostly into metal, and I'm attempting to play really fast alternate picking guitar lines.

The problem is on my upstroke I seem to hit a little higher than the point on my pick and so it just runs dead into the string and stops my rythm.

I often drop my pick too.

Sometimes I can get it right, other times it just doesn't hit the string right and I can't keep the rythm going.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Yes, don't play so fast. Seriously, problems like that occur when you play too fast too soon. Pick the line you want to play and play it at 10% of the normal speed. Yes, that could mean one note every two seconds. Get the time correct and make sure you playit 100% accurate. Then slowly increase the speed. Do this with dedication and concentration and you'll find you have 'brainwashed' your fingers to do it properly. Fairly big chances are you won't even be able to play it poorly after it.

Playing fast but tight metal runs is way, way harder then people make it out to be. Take slow but determined steps and you'll reach your goals faster then those people who run cluelessly in whatever direction they fancy.