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Amp settings

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Last week I received my amp, a Marshall MG15DFX, as the other side of my new Epi Les Paul. The store had some stock problems and I preferred wait for it. The alternative was a Roland MicroCube. I am very happy with both, playing and modifying the controls in the guitar and in the amp (as the tone and volume as the effects controls).

The amp's owners manual includes some suggested settings for the volume and equalizer knobs and also some general advices for the use of the reverb, delay, chorus and flanger effects.

My question is if there are some web pages or publication where I can find the settings that are used for bands, songs or music styles in a generic way. I mean, Guitar One magazine proposes some setting in the song tabs, I'm asking for a more general suggestions similar to the proposed in the manual, for example, "Blues: Overdrive [On], Gain [2/10], Bass [7/10], Contour [4/10], Treble [5/10]" or even in a more "linguistic" way (Gain-small, Bass-big, Contour-middle...).

Thanks in advance.