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An online guitar lesson for kids?

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Hello everyone my name is Gustavo Woltmann. I am working in a small and private publishers office since 2006. Is there an online guitar lesson for kids that are available and is being offered in a low tuition fee?

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To be honest, face to face is better than online because the tutor can look round the hands and fix all sorts of things. Where are you?

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I am currently using Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar Home Study Course with Great Results and Very Inexpensive. To me it is the Very Best Value. To see what the Course is about:
They also Offer a Home School Version that Includes an Additional Guide designed to Help the Parent Assist their Child with the Material. They also Offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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I am not an instructor so I wouldn't know the difference between teaching an adult or child but this is highly rated and FREE!

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I'll second that, very good free lessons. He offers a beginners songbook on his site for around $20. which goes along with some of his lessons, a worthwhile investment. has a nice modular lesson plan but the cost is $100 per year (free trial available). IMHO nothing is better than getting a teacher to get you going in the right way, but the cost can be pretty high.