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Another acoustic-electric question

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OK, I am pretty sure my second guitar will be an acoustic electric. (Currently have Washburn Steel String acoustic).

However, I am curious about two things :?

1) Are there special effects gizmos that work with electro-acoustics or are they only for the electrics. (Im not after any mega effects but it would be nice to play around a little bit with the sound.)

2) No one seems to mention options apart from all-in-one amp/speakers. Yet the other day I saw a neat amp/equaliser that a musician brought to play to a small gathering. Because the venue had speakers available, he just brought the amp/equaliser and plugged the speakers into it. Carelessly I forgot the name but it was something-in-a-box. it folded up into a neat case. Now since I only play at home & I have some decent speakers, why don't I just get an amp-without-speaker and connect myself to my speakers. Come to think of it - can i plug an acoustic electric into my Hi Fi setup? (separates - amp, preamp etc).

i would greatly appreciate advice here.
(PS I hope I posted in the right place. Im not asking for kit recommendations, just need the info on what I can do- technically)

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