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Anyone help?!!

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So I just got a BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer and Boss BCB-60 in the mail today.
Love the products, both sound good.

But I just can't figure out how to wire it all, to be convenient for live performances.

Right now it goes

Guitar --> pedal board input --> distortion pedal --> noise reduction --> amp

And for the effects loop

Send --> BBE Sonic Maximizer --> Delay pedal --> Return

It sounds good, however the wiring looks so crazy. I've got a road case for my amp with 4 rack spaces on top, where the sonic maximizer rack unit is. So the wires are in the back from the amp to maximizer, all the way around front to my pedal board, then all the way back around again to my amp...
I'm so lost and just feel ignorant, someone help please!!!

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If it works fine, I wouldn't worry much about how the wiring looks. As long as all the ins and outs are correct you should be good to go. Perhaps you could leave an empty rack slot on top for the cables to pass through instead of going around, outside of the rack???

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