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Barre Chords

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As I learn more each its time to move on to more difficult things. I am learning a song right now by Jack Johnson and there are some barre chords, when I play them I can't seem to get all the strings that I am barring down. What is the trick to pulling off these barre chords?

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Don't think there is a trick mate, just practice and more practice. Apparantly eventually you get it, but I gotta admit they do seem impossible at times. Are you playing accoustic or electric?

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As Jay said, it's mostly practice but here are a few things you can try that might get you there faster.

Practise them up the neck a bit where they're a bit easier to hold down and gradually work your way down to the hardest fret of all to barre, i.e., the 1st fret.

Roll your index finger back a little so that a little of the soft underside of your finger is replaced by the harder bonier edge.

Try moving your index finger up or down a tiny fraction (across the strings) to avoid finger joints making contact with any strings and muting notes.

Don't squeeze too hard with your thumb. Pull your arm back a little and at the same time counter the force with your other arm against the guitar body to stop the guitar moving. The result will be extra force applied to the fretboard.

If the root of the chord isn't on the 6th string (e.g., A shape and C shape chords) you may want to omit the sixth string and barre just five of them.

If a particular chord doesn't need the second finger (e.g. G minor 355333) then you can place it on top of your index for a little more pressure.

If I think of any more I'll post them :D

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With that G minor barre chord, how do I dislocate my 3rd and 4th fingers to play the 5th fret cleanly? :lol:

Just joking.

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Those E minor shaper barres are the hardest thing I've found to do so far.

Just when I thought I had barring down, BAM! another horrible challenge! No tricks or shortcuts unfortunately, just practice and (for a little while) some pain too :lol:

Still, rewarding when you get them right


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