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BArre chords

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I can only play barre chords for so long when i play songs, especially if all the chords are barre chords. My hand just isn't strong enough. How can I improve my barre chord playing? Is it just simply practice?

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Practice is definitely the key.

Personally, I prefer barre chords, but will play whatever is most appropriate for the song.

I think the more you play, the more you will find out it isn't about brute strength, but about finger placement.

The grip of steel is not necessary if the fingers are in the right place, and I don't know how to explain where to put the fingers, it came to me via practice.

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Minotaur: Those are some GREAT links!!

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I don't even remember where I got them from. As soon as I saw them I "Favorited" them. I probably found them here. :lol:

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I thought my wrist would drop off when I started learning barre chords but like anything, with practice it will become really easy and you'll find you will even end up 'abbreviating' the barre chords as you get better.

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