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Barring Problems

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I can barr the chords close to the headstock (1st to fourth fret) but I have a lot of problem with strings lower down because the strings are much higher. It seems that I can only barr five of the six strings...I can't seem to get the b string down. Any advice? Is this a common problem? Thanks in advance. This forum is fantastic.

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very common. try rolling your fingers forward a bit. not much.

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I Don't know if my experience is relevant to you or not but I had exactly the same problem. I was fine on electric but could only mute the B when playing E shaped barres. I got a couple of other people to try my guitar and they got on ok so I accepted it must be me. I bought a new guitar a few months later and the problem was solved. When I bought my new guitar I was carefull to get a guitar with a low action and it is easier to play in general

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you don't have to get a new guitar, you can always have the action adjusted on your current one :P
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Barres get harder to play as you get closer to the nut. That's true for everyone, and every guitar.

I started learning barre chords at the 7th fret, and sort of snuck up on first position as I got better (over a period of several months for me - your progress may be faster)

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