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Beginner Scales

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Hi All,

Just joined the forum.

A little about me, I've started playing the guitar (about a month into it) teaching myself primarily from resources I found on the internet and chatting with friends who currently play. I'm coming along slowly, fairly confident with the basic chords and changing between chords now. Essentially I'm trying to learn something new each night, or throw it into a different mix. I spend about 30 minutes a night playing around and have made my own structured lessons.

So I had the following question regarding scales. I decided to learn the petatonic scale for starters (not sure if this is a good idea). But I'm having trouble with where exactly I should start and how I should look at it. Does anyone know if there are finger diagrams or anything that can help with that?

Any information would be great.

Thanks :).

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You could work on this series of lessons (there are several links in the lessons that you could read):

And read this recent thread:

Welcome to GN.

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Starting with pentatonic is a great idea. The blues scale won't hurt, either. As to how you're learning them, well, just learn them everywhere. Memorize them in different tunings, at different parts of the guitar, etc. You'll turn them into instinct in no time.

If you want a whole lot of scale diagrams, All Guitar Chords is the best place to go. I always go there when I'm looking for an interesting new sound.

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