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Bending technique

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not really a question but a revelation that maybe some other beginners can benefit from. I realize I'm not the first person to do this and I feel silly for not trying it sooner, but I've been having a hard time bending those tight wires up to the correct note. Last night I tried using two fingers, like bending the note w/ my ring finger while using my middle finger on the same string one fret above it to help push. Really is alot easier and have more control over the bend and helps when adding vibrato. Of course this is a technique used all the time by real guitar players but I thought I'd offer it to fellow beginners who might not think of it as I hadnt yet.

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Yep I just started to work on bending myself, that helps a lot. I decided to use the intro to Wonderful Tonight(Clapton) to practice with, I've heard it so many times I can tell easily if I screw it up, but when you get it right it sounds so cool :)


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I was watching my teacher play Wonderful Tonight while I played rythym and he was using 3 fingers to bend notes...I was also trying with one finger until I saw him use 3.

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Guthrie Govan's monster bend gave me something to aspire to. I'm not there yet, but I'm getting closer and closer. :shock: