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Best amp under $200...
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Best amp under $200?

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Hey, I'm looking for the best amp I can get under $200. By the way, yes I am aware there are more posts asking the same question I am asking right now. However, most of those are outdated. New amps have come out in the last year or so.

As for what I want to do with the amp, I am looking for good clean tones, some bluesy sounds, and an upwards of hard rock and maybe a bit metal.

Anyway, what is an amp you would recommend at or under $200 ? So far I have looked at the Fender Champion, Fender Mustang, And the Marshall mg30cfx.

Thanks for helping out!

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I'd be interested to hear the answer to this one too if there's a decent amp that came out recently in this price range. I just think there isn't anything that would be outright the best. Maybe I'm wrong.

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I'd be interested in the same thing as well! Bonus points if it's available from a store in the EU or if it's easy to travel with.

The thing is that my wife and I were considering buying one of these houses in Greece for the holidays, and I need an amp, but due to that massive investment, I won't really have the dough for an expensive top-of-the-line amp!