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best bedroom amp?

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I am looking for a guitar and amp. I have decided to purchase the ESP LTF KH-602 guitar. I am unsure on an amp though.

My situation is i used to play guitar years ago and want to start again. I live in a terraced house, so would prefer to not antagonize the neighbours. It sounds like i need a 5 watt amp with this in mind. As i'm unsure just how loud a 5 watt amp is i would ideally like an amp where i can reduce the watts. I also want to be able to use fx pedals.

I would like to be able to get a metal sound from the guitar e.g. metallica, megadeth etc.

From watching various youtube videos I am currently thinking of purchasing the Bugera V5 as it sounds good and can reduce the watts. I expect i would need an fx pedal or two for the metal sound though. Can fx pedals be used with this amp? Some of the youtubers are using them but i don't understand how they connect with the amp as there doesn't appear to be a send/return connection. Does the guitar connect to the pedals and then the pedals to the input?

Is the Bugera V5 a good bedroom amp? Is there a better amp i could be getting instead?

What would be the best fx pedals to get? I am thinking distortion and wah pedals would be mainly what i want.

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